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HealthLink SIX Client Software  v.6 6

For more information please read the latest HMS release Notes and Installation Options. - Upgrading from HMS 6.4 to HMS 6.5 is now automatic and does not require Helpdesk intervention.

MSXML SP2  v.4.20.9870.0

MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2) is a complete replacement of MSXML 4.0 and MSXML 4.0 Service Pack 1 (SP1). MSXML 4.0 SP2 provides a number of security and bug fixes. For more information about MSXML 4.0 SP2 see the release notes. MSXML 4.


Taser  v.

Fool your friends with Taser the best taser imitating app. Pick a color and press start, on the taser screen touch anywhere to activate the taser. It's that simple! * Disclaimer, this is not a real safety device. * Version 1.3 Release Notes -

Strobe  v.

Are you having a party? Need a strobe light? All you need is this free app! Strobe will provide you with all the strobe light fun you could have. Dance party time! :P Version 1.2 Release Notes - Fixed slider bug Features - Styled by accent colors

Set The Beat  v.

Need a drum machine? Set The Beat is like a drum machine except you set the tempo by just tapping your fingers. Version 1.2 Release Notes - Minor improvements Features - Choose from 8 drumming presets - Tap your finger to a tempo and the drum

Musical Boxes  v.

Music on the go! With musical boxes you can create your own beats in seconds. Just click on the boxes to activate their notes and sit back and listen. Version 1.8: Features Harpsichord voice Release Notes - Final release, information on Musical

Translate Me  v.

Translate Me application is for translating your words between chosen languages. The app is powered by Microsoft Bing Translate services and it supports over thirty languages. v1.7 Release notes: -Rate and rewiev link changed to button. -Other Apps

GMaps  v.

gMaps - Ultimate Windows Phone 7 client for Google Maps ***We are not related to Google, Inc.*** Release notes: 1. Google Latitude friend list fix 2. Night mode 3. Navigation mode improvements We appreciate your feedback. Help us make the tool

GMaps Pro  v.

gMaps - Ultimate Windows Phone 7 client for Google Maps ***We are not related to Google, Inc.*** Release notes: 1. Public Transit 2. Improved driver mode: - separate speed indicator - start/stop/reroute buttons - partially visible route line fix

AvBrain for Pilots  v.

Version 2.0 release notes: - New page for displaying airports within 15 miles. - New page for displaying map of selected airport. - Added trial version. - Added effective date, expire date, and last modified date to notams. Product Description:

PictureSphere  v.

RELEASE NOTES V 1.1 * Bugfix: even in none trial mode a maxmium of only two albums were shown * Bugfix: chequered mode was not reseted for following albums * Bugfix: better information for user to indicate if too much pictures in one album or too

TipIt  v.

You spoke and we listened. The following features are included in this release: 1.2 RELEASE NOTES - Support for multiple cultures (not languages yet!) - More gratuity and splitting options - More rounding options - A way to save your preferences -

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